About Liberty Candidates for the 2012 Election

This website was created to keep track of Liberty Candidates so we can support them, grow our network and restore our Republic!

The easiest way to find your own local liberty is to use the Categories on the right side of the blog.  Click your state and it will filter the results automatically!

Please use the site to find and share Liberty Candidates for the 2012 Election.

Liberty Candidates United has a goal to help facilitate the election of as many liberty candidates as possible.  In most cases this involves electing members of the Republican party, but not in all cases.  In many cases a liberty candidate is a Republican, but sometimes they are a Libertarian.  The most important thing is that the liberty candidate is dedicated to restoring the rule of law and reducing our federal government to its proper Constitutional limits.  To achieve this goal it is important that each liberty candidate recognize that the state government has a role that is much more than being the lap dog of the federal government.  Members of the U.S. Congress must not step on the toes of the state governments.  Members of the state governments must assert themselves and protect the citizen’s rights that they were elected to represent. 

For liberty to be achieved in our nation we must ask ourselves important questions.  Why do we vote for politicians that continually erodes our liberties?  How do we vote for politicians that will protect our liberties?  Where do we vote for liberty candidates for the 2012 election?  One thing for sure is that we can’t  simply look to the presidential candidates for solutions, we must look at our state and federal representatives with a close eye and not just blind alliance to a party.


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